Avalon Suite launch offer

Are you a financial intermediary, a business banker, an auditor or an accountant? Do you work in the high value markets with business clients and individual clients?

Then you will be able to use the Avalon Suite to your advantage. The Avalon Business promotes collaboration on clients on a unique world class collaboration framework. If you don’t like it, tell us. If you love it, tell the world. Click here to register for your free trial. By registering you get 1 month free trial with full functionality.

Use the Avalon CRM, we call it CCM™ (Collaborative Client Management ™) component to manage the relationship with your clients for increased profitability and sustainability. You can also do a Financial Needs Analyses (FNA), Estate Planning (EP), Business Needs Analyses (BNA), PNA (Professional practice Needs Analyses) and more. You get access to the Avalon Suite. The Avalon Portal offers a truly unique experience.

About Avalon

This Avalon business suite is an individual financial planning tool offering that allows you to manage your relationship with your client with an insight into their specific financial need.

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About Allegiance

Allegiance Consulting has serviced the financial services industry as legal technical expert since the inception of the company 1 March 1999.

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