Avalon Financial Planning System

Avalon is a web based industry leading Advanced Estate Planning, Financial Needs Analyses (FNA) and Business Needs Analyses (BNA) tool with rich CRM capabilities for discerning financial advisers operating in the high value markets. It is a modular system with the following components:

Planning components

  1. Financial Needs Analyses (FNA)
    Standard financial needs analyses for individual clients.
  2. Advanced Estate Planning (EP)
    Scenario planning at the click of a button. First death, Death of Survivor, Intestate, Transfer of Assets, various Planning Scenarios.
  3. Business Needs Analyses (BNA)
    Analyze a business for business assurance needs of a business.

The Collaboration Framework

  1. Finally, a system that understands that you can only survive in a marketing environment if you are willing to collaborate across Professional Network Partners.
  2. Communication
    An attempt to unify the elements of communication with your clients. SMS, e-Mail, Campaigns, Surveys and more.
  3. Network Partners
    Add network partners with which you share and collaborate across clients.
  4. Workflows
    Automate important task across roles.
  5. Tasks
    Share tasks across various roles in the business.
  6. Opportunities
    Share opportunities across Professional Network Partners
  7. Queries
    Manage queries on a client across your Professional Network
  8. Portfolio
    Portfolio provides a single view of your client, their opportunities, queries across your professional network.
  9. Leads
    Add prospective clients on the system and manage them until they become clients.
  10. Social Media Integration
    The system offers integrated Facebook, Twitter an Linkedin integration.
  11. Astute Integration
    Draw policy information directly form Astute into the financial plan.

Virtual office

  1. Carry your office where ever you go 24-7-365
  2. Document manager
    Upload documents to the document manager
  3. Off-site Backups
    Automatic backups of the information contained on the system.